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IRJIEST defines author as an individual who has significantly contributed to the development of a manuscript.

The author/s must fall into at least one of the following to be considered as an author by IRJIEST: (1) High-impact participation in the conceptualization, design and methods used; and/or the collection, analysis and interpretation of data; (2) Putting into draft the work that has been done and revising it for more substantial content; (3) Review and approval of the paper to be published; (4) Responsible for resolving questions relative to the accuracy of any part of the paper. Individuals as well as organizations who contributed to the development of the paper should be given appropriate acknowledgement.



Authors should read and comprehend the “Instruction for Authors” on the journal’s page before making a submission. The manuscript should conform to the format and style indicated in the journal’s policy. If possible, the role/accomplishments of each of the authors listed in the manuscript may be specified.

All authors should approve the final version of the manuscript to be submitted. Upon receipt of the manuscript, IRJIEST would then assume that all authors have reviewed the final version and approved the submission of the manuscript. The contact information (surname/other names, affiliation, emails, and phone/fax numbers) and declaration of conflict of interest should be well indicated in the manuscript. Submission should be made online at


Conflict of Interest exists when an individual’s interests coincide with his/her role in the publishing activities. IRJIEST will prevent any speculation or uncertainty towards an individual’s decision or judgment arising from his/her competing interests.

Authors should disclose all financial/relevant interest that may have influenced the development of the manuscript. Reviewers should disclose any conflict of interest and if necessary, decline the review of any manuscript they perceive to have a conflict of interest. Editors should also decline from considering any manuscript that may have conflict of interest. Such manuscripts will be re-assigned to other reviewers.


IRJIEST treats a submitted manuscript as a confidential material. IRJIEST will only reveal the submitted manuscript to those who are part of the processing of the publication: editorial staff, corresponding authors, potential reviewers, actual reviewers, and editors.  

IRJIEST may only disclose the manuscript in suspected cases of misconduct to the Journals’ ethics committee and other institutions or organizations for the resolution of the suspected case.



As a condition of publication, all authors must transfer copyright to the Batangas State University. Manuscripts submitted under multiple authorship are reviewed on the assumption that all listed authors concur in the submission and that the final version has been seen and approved by all authors. Evidence or allegations of violations of the standard norms for publishing original research — such as publication without approval of all authors, plagiarism, republication of data used previously without acknowledgement, and inappropriate image manipulation — will be investigated. Papers found to contain violations are subject to any of the following actions: (1) Manuscripts may be rejected without scientific review; (2) Authors may be asked to withdraw an article after publication; (3) The publisher may retract the article; and/or (4) The matter may be referred to institutional officials. Authors of papers published in the IRJIEST are obligated to honor any reasonable request by qualified investigators. If computer software programs are developed and used in submitted manuscripts, the programs must be made available to the reviewer upon request. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the source code or the program must be made available from the author/s, either commercially or in downloadable form. The Editor-in-Chief may deny further publication rights in the journal to author/s unwilling to abide by these principles.



Authors or their representatives should refrain from providing information about an article to members of the media until that article has been published online. Authors may present detailed information at professional conferences prior to publication, but authors should refrain from giving out overheads or other handouts that contain substantial material from their articles before online publication.



Authors will be asked to sign a copyright transfer document after a manuscript has been accepted.

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